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How to Install 3.5 Inch LCD on Raspberry Pi - Super Easy Way (In 3 Minutes)Description:This 5 inch HDMI TFT LCD touch screen is special designed for Raspberry Pi. We have Updated the Image and User Manual for the Latest Raspberry Pi 3.
You can download the image to use this screen directly or follow the steps to configure your own system, find the detail in User Manual.
Features:800×480 resolution(HD), support for touch control
Compatible and can be plugged directly into any version of Raspberry Pi (only except the first generation Pi model B which requires an HDMI cable.)
User Manual provided, the official Raspberry Pi drive available
Support any Raspberry Pi Image, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Win 10 IOT and any more
Universal HDMI display is not limited to raspberry pi (with resolution requirements)
When only use for display only, does not occupy any I/O (using the touch function, taking some I/O)
Parameters:Power: 5V Power via GPIO from Raspberry pi
Display Type: 5 inch TFT LCD
Resolution: 800x480
Touchscreen: SPI Via Raspberry pi
Dimensions: 120mm x 74mm x 7mm
Weight without package: 125g
Weight with package: 145g
Note: The Raspberry pi does not includes.Package includes:1 x 5inch HDMI LCD module
1 x HDMI connector
1 x Touch pen
1 x RPi screws pack (4pcs)


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