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30PCS IR LEDs for flash range as about 20m / 65.62ft 
12MP/8MP/5 MP resolution optional 
Color pictures during daylight; black and white at night
Trigger time: 1.1s 
Multi-shot pictures: 1,3,6,9  
1/5/10/30 seconds/minutes interval between motions optional 
Length of video: 10/30/60/90 seconds optional 
With 4 AA alkaline batteries, the longest standby time is up to 3 months 
Operation temperature: -10℃ to 60℃ 
With specified timer, the camera can be programmed to work only during preset time period every day 
Stamp the date, time, temperature on each picture 
Sound recording 
Instant surveillance camera for home, office, construction site, and warehouse, etc.;  
Animal observation and hunting;   
Plant observation. 
Power Supply:
AA Alkaline Batteries  
4PCS AA alkaline batteries.  
Please note that the voltage of rechargeable AA batteries (1.2V) is insufficient to power this device.  
Solar Panel 
Original 6V lithium battery solar panels optional 
Power Adapter 
This camera can also be powered by an external 6V DC adapter.  
Please insert the TF-card when the camera is powered off. 
Please do not insert or take out the TF-card when the camera is powered on. 
It's recommended to format the TF-card by the camera when you use it at the first time.  
The camera will be in USB mode when it's connected to a USB port of a computer. In this case, the TF-card functions as a removable disk.  
Please ensure sufficient power when the firmware is being upgraded, otherwise the upgrade process might be interrupted incorrectly. If any fault occurs after improper upgrading process, the camera may stop functioning properly.  
Package Included:
1 x Digital Camera
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x RCA Cable
1 x Installation Strap
1 x CD
1 x Remote Control

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