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2 SAT signals input is supplied 8 users simultaneously.
High isolation, low insertion loss, very durable.
Applicable to multi-satellite and multi-receiver usage.
IC in switch distribute and control power supply to LNB , reducing energy consumption.
13/18V supplied by satellite receiver through coaxial cable to switch corresponding port.
Capable of connecting two SATV signals simultaneously, which is switched through 13/18V.
Zinc alloy crust
Easy installation without any other program needed
Power supplied from Receiver
Switch voltage: 18V
Power suppied from Receiver
LNB frequency range: 950 to 2,400MHz
Insertion loss: 5dB
Return loss: 10dB
Isolation: 26dB
LNB V voltage: 13V/14V
LNB H voltage: 17V/18V
DC current consumption: 30mA
Max. DC current to LNB: 500mA
Input and output: 75Ω, F type connector
Package Included:
1 x Jasen JS-MS28 Multiswitch

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