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1. 3.5inch standard display, support HDMI input, refresh rate of 60FPS or more
2. Physical resolution 480x320, configurable software resolution up to 1920x1080
3. Can be used as raspberry pie display, with touch control function (need to install touch drive)
4. Can be used as a computer monitor, TV box, PSP and other standard HDMI output device (without touch function)
5. Compatible and can be inserted directly into all versions of raspberry pie board (raspberry pie, 1 generation B and Zero, HDMI line)
6. Support HDMI audio output, backlight brightness adjustable

Size: 3.5 (inch)
Resolution: 480 * 320 (dots)
Touch: resistance touch
Size: 85.5*60.6 (mm)
Product weight : 148 (g)

Package Included:

1x 3.5inch HDMI Display-MPI3508
1x Resistance touch pen
1x HDMI connector



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