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Description:The X900 expansion board is suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / 2B / B+ / A+ / Zero W
DAC All-function with ES9023 chip
Operating System: All Raspberry Pi operating systems
Support the mainstream music player, such as Volumio, RuneAudio, OSMC, XMBC(Kodi), MOODE etc.Click for more info
Features:- Full HD audio–up to 24-bit/192kHz playback  
- Built in Sabre premier stereo DAC (ESS Technology ES9023)
- ES9023 delivers jitter free studio quality audio with 112dB DNR
- Ultra-low jitter 50MHz clock generator  
- TI's LP5907 Ultra-low Noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance  
  Built in IR receiver (Vishay TSOP34838)
- Available with RCA and 3.5mm phone jack output connectors
- Powered by Raspberry Pi, no external power requirements  
- Conforms to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification  
- Access to GPIO pins on HAT
Package Included:1 x X900 Expansion Board
1 x Pack of Screws

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